Becoming a mother is unlike anything in the world. Every aspect of your life changes- your relationships, time, priorities, work, health (goodness, even your hygiene), but it’s all worth it.  Each day brings change and it sometimes feels like you can see your child growing and hitting milestones right before your eyes. Even when you think your heart couldn’t possibly be any more full, the love for your child continues to grow.

No one knows your child like you do. You know all of their likes and dislikes. What makes them excited. The sweet way your baby looks at you when they nurse. Their little curls or that stubborn cowlick. The uninhibited laughter that only you know how to evoke. The sweetest snuggles. The bond between a mother and her baby is unshakable.


I have visions of my daughter looking through family photo albums, just like I did (and still do). I want to be the person on the other side of the lens with her, so she can see my love for her and watch our relationship evolve over the coming years. These moments with her go by so quickly and I know the memories will eventually fade. I’m never going to wait until my hair looks great or I’m wearing makeup to get behind the camera because it would never happen. The best images are the ones that tell your story. Images that are honest and full of raw emotion.

There isn’t a better time then now to document all of the details that make your relationship uniquely yours. Scroll down for more details about my motherhood and family sessions.


a 20 minute session inspired entirely by your motherhood journey. It’s an intimate moment for you to be still and enjoy being present with your babe (or your bump). The resulting images are organic and heartfelt.

$225 +hst

Upcoming dates:

March 9, 2019- Sold Out 

April 26, 2019- Sold Out 

Fall: September 22, 2019


I take a documentary approach to family sessions. Unscripted and authentic- I let the day unfold naturally. Messy beds, dirty dishes, your favourite music, meal time, your everyday activities… I love it all. I want you to look at your photos years from now and really see yourself and remember the moment exactly as it was. Let’s create images you can feel with your whole heart. Sessions offered: Family + A Day in the Life