I live in a small cottage town with my husband and two children. Living near the water, a large backyard for our family, accessibility to green space and trails, and a future garden in the works…this life is seriously good for the heart.

I’m into making true connections over small talk. I’m spirited and passionate, but also an old soul. I admire people who live boldly and wear their heart on their sleeve. I’m about organic and honest moments and my desire is to create images you can feel. I believe that everyone has a beautiful and unique story and I can’t wait to tell yours.


+ I love historical and vintage family photographs and will always sit and look at family albums with family and friends

+ My daughters both have names inspired by music (Joni and Gwen)

+ I could live off of peanut butter and toast

+ We are dreaming up a basement renovation this year so we can make the most with the space we have

+ Hobbies include: knitting, gardening, baking, reading


It all started here, with images just like these…

I have very clear memories of  flipping through family photo albums when I was a child and growing up. Each photograph was a tangible object that had stood the test of time. Every frame told another part of the story. I remember pausing to touch the creases and cracks in the paper. I imagined what the people in the photographs did that day and what was said. I didn’t know it then, but this experience and these images would be the reason why I chose to document life.

My focus while studying in University was historical and vernacular family photography, but I was never quite clear on where it would lead. It wasn’t until after planning my own wedding (and even more now that I’ve become a mother) that I realized the true importance of these images full of life, emotion and history.


There is so much beauty in the mundane and imperfect moments. Our lives are beautiful and transient and I believe it’s important to leave a visual legacy for future generations. And our images are meant to be printed (and looked at over and over again).

What you feel, who you love, your laughter, your sadness, your accomplishments, your family…it all matters. It’s all a part of your story.

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