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Wedding photographer Jenny at Live to Love Studio. Graduate and B.F.A. in photography from Ryerson University. Top film Wedding Photographer in Toronto, Cottage Country, Muskoka, Collingwood, Peterborough, Caledon, Oakville. Based outside of Toronto.
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It all started here. With images like these.

I have very clear memories of  flipping through family photo albums when I was growing up. Each photograph was a tangible object that had stood the test of time. Every frame told another part of the story. I remember pausing to touch the creases and cracks in the paper. I imagined what the people in the photographs did that day. What were they laughing about? What was said? Who said it?

I didn’t know it then, but this experience and these images would be the reason why I chose to document life.

I focused on film photography and historical family photographs while studying photography at Ryerson University, but was never quite clear on where it would lead me. A few years later, after getting married, I realized I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I decided to take the leap and join the world of self-employment.

Documenting life has brought back my love for film. Why I fell in love with photography in the first place. Incorporating traditional film photography methods in all of my work gives me the opportunity to truly embrace life as it happens. It allows me to appreciate the still moments in between and capture them just as they are. I believe that having a legacy is important. That images are meant to be printed (and should be looked at over and over again).  Life is full of beautiful fleeting moments that are waiting to be documented and cherished for generations to come.

I live on the cusp of cottage country, just outside of Toronto, with my husband Scott and our two cats. I’m an adventure seeker, film shooter, and nature enthusiast. My spare time is spent cooking, hiking, creating and spending time with my loved ones –  all with a cup of tea in hand.

Contact me if you would like me to document the precious moments in your life. Whether you’re getting married, dating, renewing your vows, adding a new family member or just because.

I look forward to meeting you!